From Birth…

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This Little Babe?

His hands are that of mercy
His toes are full of strength
His life a new beginning
That has eternal length
His skin is pure and perfect
And eyes are full of grace
What kind of king is born
In such a common place?

Our Father who art in heaven
Our Father from above
Truly is this your son
You sent for us to love?

This little babe in swaddling clothes
Lying in a manger
His innocence and purity…
He’ll keep us all from danger?
Is it true if we believe in Him
He’ll lead us not astray?
And you’ll have mercy in your heart
When it comes the judgment day?

Oh, Alleluiah, praise and glory
As I follow I will sing
Thank you Lord Almighty for this
Blessed little King!

~by Denise J Feil


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No matter how dark

your trials and worries may seem

Do not forget this…




I am your Lord God!

You are never without Me,

you always have hope.


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On the second day

I made the sky and pulled back

the waters from it.




But on the sixth day

I made them, man and woman.

And the serpent crawled!


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Lord, who can teach You?

Can any being on earth?

Can any instruct?




Do You hunt advice?

From whom would You seek counsel?

Which soul could lead God?


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You are the shining;

the light which is lit for Me.

Brighten the darkness.




Do not lite your lamp

and hide it under a shade.

Let it glow for all.


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Take the road which is

less traveled, stand up for Me.

For you are in Christ.




The world is the world,

pride, envy, greed, lust…Satan!

But you are called out.


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You, enslaved by sin

enticed to fulfill a call

to the wicked ways.




Look to the heavens

For I am the God of grace

I will help you, child!


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