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So, people just don’t go to church anymore. I’m not talking about those who just go at Christmas and Easter. I mean those who never attend services at all anymore, if they ever did.

This is for those who count themselves as Christians; who study the bible and pray each day; who may watch some pastor on Sunday TV worship shows. Many are sincere and loving people who consider themselves good, faithful believers, however they don’t set foot in any kind of a public worship service.

This is for those who even once attended a church but left because they didn’t get along in a “corporate” worship environment. So they do their worshiping from their homes, or in some other way rather than with fellow saints.

My dear friends, if you are reading the bible correctly, you can’t ignore the examples of worship from the early church, which are commands of God, to meet together as a group of fellow believers.

You can’t dismiss singing not only to praise God but to lift each other up in spirit. You can’t turn a blind eye to giving of your monies for the work of the church, nor hearing a proper sermon. And you certainly can’t snub the Lord’s Holy Communion. By definition, breaking the bread is a shared activity among Christians as set forth by Christ Himself.

Therefore, the true and sincere follower of God through Christ Jesus needs to have a fellowship with like-minded believers on Sunday, which is the Lord’s Day. My friends, this is not to be taken lightly. It is a command of the Lord to worship Him on the first day of the week, and to do so in concert with other members of the church.

So then, if you truly wish to practice your faith in an acceptable manner before the Lord, you need to find a church group to worship with. It doesn’t have to be in a church building, although it has facilities which make worship easier.

No, you can meet in a recreation center, or a park, or even in an open pasture or field if you wish! Buildings are only brick and mortar; people are “the church.”

Okay, maybe you have had a bad experience with others in a “church setting.” It happens, as sad as that may be. Maybe you had a disagreement with one or more of the members. Perhaps you are angry or uncomfortable with the thought of returning to that church group…or ANY church gathering for that matter.

Congratulations, you have made Satan a very happy individual!

He doesn’t want you in worship services anyway. He wants you to believe you can sit at home and fulfill the Lord’s wishes for glorifying the One who gave you life. And what about the Savior, who gave His life so you could experience heaven? Don’t even begin to believe that He is happy when you disregard His Father’s commands for formal worship!

Therefore, it is your responsibility to seek out a church group of bible believers with whom you can get along, and praise the Lord together. Find a church like mine, where the members actually care about one another, and pray for each other.

Find a church like mine where they know your name, and handshakes and even hugs are for everyone. This comes not only from a polite greeting, although that is certainly a part of it. But the main feeling is born out of genuine Christian brotherly love for all people who come to worship God with them.

Will there be some differences between people? Maybe. Might there even be a disagreement over something? Perhaps.

But such things give you an opportunity to take the person aside and talk things out, as God would have you do. This is one way a person grows in Christ and matures in faith. To storm out with hurt feelings and cut ties to going back to that or any church is not the proper Christian response nor attitude!

My friends in the faith, this is not easy for me to write today. It is meant to be a mild scolding to those who are staying away from church fellowship and worship services. But it is necessary sometimes to stand up and say things like this for the sake of people’s souls, and for Christ, the Savior of souls!

Please take these words to heart and do not make excuses for staying away from public worship with fellow saints. According to one survey, fewer than 4 out of 10 people born between 1946 and 1996 go to church weekly. This is just not right in the sight of God…

So please take this post in the way it was intended; to stir people out of their homes or other activities and back into church services. These words are offered in love for your consideration, please take them to heart!



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One thought on “Find A Church Like Mine!

    Fountains Of Hope Poetry said:
    June 14, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    So true! Lack of commitment or the ability to stick it out will often cause people to just walk away when they get hurt, but we all get hurt at some point. We are imperfect people yet we are family, Jesus never walks off when we fall short so the challenge here is to learn to love and​ and to forgive.


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