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This is a very good website in service to the Lord. Here is their very first post from a year ago. Hope you enjoy it…Steve

Beholding Him Ministries

Thank you for stopping at Beholding Him Ministries (BHM). We pray that you will find BHM to be a place of blessing and rest for your soul. – a place where you can take a minute and just breathe.

Psalm 27:4We all need to escape the busyness of life from time to time, to just catch our breath. This is a  ‘keep it moving world’ we live in and it is full of what I like to call stuff.  All the busyness becomes a yoke: run here, run the children there, cook, shop, clean, soccer practice, soccer game, business meetings, PTA meetings, church meetings, etc. Along with all that comes the troubles of life: pain, loss, misunderstanding, disappointments, broken relationships, illness and even death.

Yes, every now and again life demands that we not only slow down to breathe but to behold. Behold Jesus! When we behold the…

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