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“Yes it is easier to believe a lie that one has heard a thousand times than to believe a fact that one has never heard before…

It took months of diligent digging, tenacious and consistent digging, into the bible. I had to choose to invest time into God’s Word, rather than spend time doing the normal thing that I did. It took muscle and a shovel.

It took muscle and a shovel to dig down beyond the mud and the sand and the gravel of a lifetime of erroneous religious teachings. I had to dig beyond the denominational creeds, the religious confusion, the unbiblical practices, and all of the doctrines that oppose the New Testament’s plain and simple truth.

…I dug beyond my own personal ideas of how salvation was supposedly obtained and beyond all the ideas taught to me by denominational pastors…and beyond their mistaken beliefs and false teachings…

I dug down to the Truth and down to the bible’s teaching for salvation of my sins. I dug down to God’s scheme of redemption, His plan of salvation for all of mankind. 

I dug down until I found the most precious thing ever available to mankind. It was a stream of soul-saving blood and water. A stream two thousand years old. A stream that still flows generously in great abundance powered by the love of the Savior. It is a current so strong that nothing could ever stop its flow.

I dug down until I found that mysterious stream of blood and water, the source of that precious river of blood and water was the pierced side of Jesus Christ…every man and woman can bathe in the precious stream of soul-saving blood. How? Through any water that’s used for proper, Bible baptism. Christ’s blood is found in those waters…”

~Michael Shank, “Muscle and a Shovel, copyright, 2011”

It is now up to us. Do we simply accept what has been taught to us by others, taking it as truth because they are warm, loving, and God-fearing people? Or do we put those teachings to the test of the Word of God to see if they are fully truth…or truth at all?

The apostles were constantly encouraging people to check the teachings they gave to people in order to make sure they were consistent with the context of the Word of God. The bible even gives us an example of the Bereans in (Acts 17:11) who searched the scriptures to verify the Apostle’s teachings.

Will we be like them, or do we simply accept what many have told us about God’s will and plan of salvation?

The choice is given to us by the Lord Himself. Either we accept His true commands for us, or we reject them. Sadly, many will take the latter path. Do not be fooled; find and follow the narrow path. It is the most important decision we have to make in this life!

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

~Matthew 7:13

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