Come and be Filled

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From a good brother in Christ!

Faith and Footsteps

waterWhat are you missing?

Have you taken stock recently of what you believe is missing from your life?  I ask, because whether we realize it or not, we all seem to criticize what we don’t have or what we feel we need to find real happiness.  It’s as if there’s some emptiness inside of us all, waiting to be filled.  We can fill it with good things like the love of family, acts of philanthropy, and contentment.  Or, we can fill that void with the sinful things of this world such as materialism, drug and alcohol abuse, or an unhealthy pride in our own achievements.

Feeling empty is actually a great place to be though.  When we’re empty, God can fill us with the good things he has in store for us.  His word, the Bible, is full of his promises of grace, hope, patience, love, joy, and peace that…

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