Busy or Productive?

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B is for Blessed!

Busy as a bee.

Bees are productive. They don’t waste time.

We are often busy.

But are we always productive?

It seems that most of us are always running around doing something.  Some of us work full-time outside of the home. Others work even harder in it.

Our society often pushes us to do more. Employers expect more. Family members demand more. Many of us are always on the run with jobs, kids, and family and readily lose sight of where we are going. Or, what we should be doing.

We are increasingly busy.

Busy with things we can’t escape and busy searching ways to escape.

We often busy ourselves with nonsense.

Time killers.

Dead relationships.

Some of us are so busy we lose focus for those things that really matter.



Too busy for God?

If you find yourself breathless, overwhelmed, or stressed to the breaking point……

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