Living in Obedience

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Faith and Footsteps


What does the term “obedience” mean to you?  Does the word carry a negative connotation with feelings of lost rights and unfair treatment?  Do you associate obedience with a lack of control or power, or maybe a feeling of defeat?  How we look at the word obedience completely determines how we live our life for God.  Any lack of obedience could mean that God really isn’t our Lord but just some nice idea of a loving creator here to serve our needs and pander to our requests.

I started off asking if you have negativity towards obedience because it is there that the battle over selfishness is fought.  It has become commonplace to so vehemently stand for one’s rights and opinions that we shade gray the area between the truth of God and the lies of Satan and this world.  Many Christians want to openly accept and enjoy the grace…

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